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"It’s a brave new musical..."

D.C. Theatre Arts-

"...a visually stunning, evocative production with strong performers and a moving message..." - D.C. Theatre Arts

El musical mexicoamericano ‘Monarca’ abre sus puertas a los ‘dreamers’

-Los Angeles Times-

“Monarch: A Mexican American Musical” makes a vital contribution to the ongoing work for a more just immigration system while also accomplishing art’s highest calling—to raise the awareness and empathy of the people it touches. ”

-MD Theatre Guides-

"The score’s style is influenced by recitative-like musical theater and traditional Mexican musical traditions like choral huapangos, danzón, and syncopated rhythms. This mixture was seamless, thanks to orchestral motifs..." - D.C Theatre Arts

“The musical score…(by Alfonso Molina) provides a grounding of sound on which to bring to life the sung-through piece.” - MD Theatre Guide

“Los mexicanos en Estados Unidos tienen al fin un musical que cuenta su historia”. –Erika P. Bucio– El Reforma, Ciudad

de México.-

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