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“Monarch: A Mexican American Musical” makes a vital contribution to the ongoing work for a more just immigration system while also accomplishing art’s highest calling—to raise the awareness and empathy of the people it touches.”


- MD Theatre Guides

El musical mexicoamericano "Monarca" abre su puerta a los dreamers"

-Los Angeles Times

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"It’s a brave new musical..."

- D.C. Theatre Art

"...a visually stunning, evocative production with strong performers and a moving message..."


- D.C. Theatre Arts

"Si en In the Heights, de Lin-Manuel Miranda, la historia se sitúa en un barrio dominicano de Nueva York y antes, West Side Story se ocupó de los portorriqueños, el compositor Alfonso Molina pensó que era hora de escribir un musical para los mexicanos en Estados Unidos."

El Reforma

“The musical score…(by Alfonso Molina) provides a grounding of sound on which to bring to life the sung-through piece.” -


MD Theatre Guide

"The score’s style is influenced by recitative-like musical theater and traditional Mexican musical traditions like choral huapangos, danzón, and syncopated rhythms. This mixture was seamless, thanks to orchestral motifs..."

- D.C Theatre Arts

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